Soundcloud: Features & Marketing

Soundcloud is quite famous social networking space, in exceptional style of the music, revealing system; its a music hub for artists and music library for listeners. It has gathered a huge number of music fans, proficient and novice artists and podcast creators from all over the globe. Since its launch, an informal community gathered and this immediately created an incredible spot to acquire fame and popularity, making it substantially more profitable than any other music libraries. One of the trusted soundcloud promotion services is service, that offers clients and compehensive promotional strategies. All that for exceptional low price!

If a and artist is having a good traffic and nice reputation, then he must be having a PR agency too. Soundcloud has a team gather people or to make it more visible on search engines and this is the same an artist has to do. If you are an musician then you must consider music promotion as an important aspect to your success. Release nice music with suitable lyrics, do you work perfectly and let the promotional activities perform their part; This will make you a known face on soundcloud.

Two best features of Soundcloud:

  • Secret links: If you are not sure about the music you just have composed and you wanted to share with only a few people, then you have to try a unique feature provided by soundcloud; it is called secret linking. Secret links can be generated after uploading a music file and you can share those files with the people you trust only. Once they will approve you can convert that link to public. Secret system is also very essential if you want to share your work or you want to publish a music file as a portfolio to famous studios. Just mail them your resume and paste the secret link to it. Never send a file through cloud sharing services because nobody wants to download any unknown stuff and studios are always busy to get involved in these things, so secret link is the best way to share your music with agencies and few trusted people.
  • Statistics: You can track who is listening your music, from where you are getting traffic, You will get to know about their interests, and many other great statistical reports by just being in front of your soundcloud dashboard.

So I discussed PR agencies for soundcloud and features of this amazing network. The main trouble in setting up a popular soundcloud account is costly fees of PR companies and to get rid of this trouble you need to find out an alternative. A website like is best for beginners to buy genuine followers at affordable prices. Check this out and start expanding your soundcloud plays and followers list.