About Classroom Sandbox

About Classroom Sandbox

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About Classroom  Sandbox

Thank you for your interest in Sandbox

It is the perfect addition to your university and course. Allow us the opportunity to tell you more about how Sandbox helps in the classroom and how you can get started using Sandbox.Up-to-date learning

Digital media is presence across disciplines and professions. Social media and new technology influence political science, communications, marketing, business, journalism and other disciplines. Knowing how to effectively use digital media is also a highly valuable skill in the workforce.

In this era when technology is constantly changing, your students require up-to-date curriculum that textbooks can no longer provide.

Sandbox solves this problem by creating seminars and courses that are continuously updated. In addition to teaching about the latest digital tools, Sandbox also provides seminars on the strategies and concepts surrounding digital media and how digital media can be used in a variety of professional settings. Think of it as a textbook that is always up-to-date.

Community support

Sandbox not only provides an online textbook for students, but also offers real-time chat support and an online forum. Students can ask our Sandbox professors questions or start a conversation with their classmates.Exercises and Exams

Sandbox teaches the material and provides quizzes, exams and exercises. Students are tested on the seminars with grades automatically shared with the teacher. Additionally, exercises provide in-class projects and discussions that teachers can use to create their lesson plans.


There are three ways to get started with Sandbox:Use Sandbox as your online textbook. Each student pays $27 per month, and we create your own Sandbox course and web page using any or all of our current course offerings. View our current courses at: http://digsandbox.com/courses. You can also create a course using any of our seminars.

View our list of seminars at: http://digsandbox.com/public-library.Integrate Sandbox with your current course. You tell us what you are teaching and how you would like us to augment your course. We create seminars, exercises and exams combining our expertise with digital media and your specific topic area.

Six months of access for you and up to 20 students is included in the $4000 investment. Your course is then available in the $27/mo membership for future semesters.Offer Sandbox department-wide for faculty, staff and students.

Our group pricing options enable everyone at your school to improve their digital literacy with access to all of the seminars, lessons and courses available on Sandbox and a custom course for every block of 50 users. Group investments are:$5000/yr for 20 members or less$10,000/yr for 50 members or less + 1 custom course included$20,000/yr for 100 members or less +2 custom courses includedAn additional $10,000/yr for every block of 50 members thereafter + an additional custom courseGet started.

It’s time to implement digital media into your classroom. Contact us today to set-up Sandbox for your university and course.

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